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Song Manager

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Song Presenter

Song Presenter is one of the primary modules that forms part of the SwiftTec Song Management System. This module is designed specifically for churches and places of worship that want to display song lyrics and other media to their congregation / audience on displays or projectors.

Song Presenter is designed to have an intutive left-to-right workflow for all displayable items (songs, images, media, bibles) from the selection window to play list to live. In addition Song Presenter is designed to link with the Song Leader module, but works equally well on it's own - making this a very useful piece of software for any church or place of worship.

Song Presenter Standalone

When used on it's own Song Presenter will select it's songs and other items from it's database. The database is in a simple folder format and can easily be shared across a church if multiple licences are purchased. The screen is organised as 4 columns:

Selection Column

The first colum of the presenter is the selection column. Here the operator can select from

  • Songs - Songs from the song database, with a search filter
  • Images - A set of thumbnails showing viewable images
  • Bibles - A set of bibles from the bible database. Use the bible database manager to import bibles.
  • Media - A set of thumbnails representing media files (audio, video, powerpoint, text)

These can be added to the playlist (with the exception of bibles) or simply be displayed straight in the live screen bypassing the playlist.

Playlist and Item Preview Column

The second column contains the playlist which can be loaded, saved and otherwise modified using the presenter controls. The lower half of the column contains the item preview which is shared between the selection and playlist column

Live Control

The third column is when the currently live item is displayed. The actual display varies according to the type of item being displayed, but typically the items are one of the following:

  • Song Section - Clicking on a section causes it to be displayed on all projectors
  • Image - Clicking on the image causes it to be displayed on all projectors
  • Media* - A number of controls will be displayed for play, stop, pause, etc. Clicking on these controls will cause the appropriate action to be taken.

* Media display is currently only supported on locally connected projectors

Projector Control

All linked projectors (both local and remote) are displayed in this section. Each one can have separate controls and filters. In addition this section also provides some quick action buttons for Blackout, Remove Text and Display Logo funtcions.

Linked to Song Leader

When Song Presenter is linked to the worship / band the play list is automatically loaded from and kept in sync with the worship leader. The combination of Song Presenter and Song Leader software makes for a powerful, but easy to use, tool for any church setup.

Key Features

  • Works with Windows 8/7/Vista/XP
  • Intuitive easy-to-use interface
  • Easy information flow.
  • Easy to share databases of songs, bibles, images and media
  • Integrates with PowerpointViewer (when installed) to display powerpoint presentations
  • Local and Remote projectors/displays supported*

Download and purchase

You can download the software from our downloads page. You can then run the demo version or request a trial licence key to try the software. Licences can be purchased from the SwiftTec online shop.

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