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Song Manager

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  • Works with Windows 8/7/Vista/XP
  • Intuitive easy-to-use interfaces
  • Touchscreen friendly
  • A wide range of modules available
    • Song Leader - A special module that corrdinates songs across entire bands using network technology. Links with SongFollower, SongSlave, PresenterFollower qnd Song Presenter modules - LICENCE REQD
    • Song Presenter - A module for presentation of song lyrics and other media on a projection system - LICENCE REQD
    • Song Editor - allows import and editing of songs in various formats - FREE
    • Song Viewer - allows songs to viewed and printed - FREE
    • Song Follower - Follows a leader with a degree of control over the display, e.g. transpostion, guitar capo position, etc - FREE
    • Song Slave - Follows a leader but without the ability to alter the settings in real-time - FREE
    • Presenter Follower - Similar to SongFollower allowing a the person responsible for project words / songs to see where the band is going as soon as a decision is made - FREE
  • Multiple display and print formats from a single source file
  • Muliple, configureable display profiles including
    • Words
    • Chords
    • Base Notes
    • Large Print
    • Invertion
    • Smart Capo and Local Transpose
  • Transpose and capo position
  • Real-time updates across the entire band using networking technology
  • Multiple song formats supported
    • SwiftTec Song (.SONG) - Our native file format with support for all features
    • Presentation Manager .SNG - Read and Write
    • OpenSong - Read Only
    • SongSmart - ReadOnly
    • Plain Text (.TXT) - Read and Write

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